“Take Me” by Mista G…: A Tribute to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” & to all the victims of suicide’s ratio!

[metaslider id=”3775″] After having slightly introduced you to Mista G…’s universe through Who Da, Happy Lady & I’m Standing There, discover as soon as possible, the 1st title to appear on Mista G…’s 1st album, M********Y, to be released on October, 1st 2020, that Trench Mental Art Produksyon will make you discover all along the year. Let’s thus begin with an impressive song in which Mista G… reveals all his vocal strength, starting with a heavy song inspired by Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, the most talented African-American singer, that the singer challenges on this remix which is also composed by the artist.
Discover ASAP Mista G…’s gateway to free you from struggling thanks to “Take Me”!
Thus, not only the performer, Mista G… is also the composer of this dancehallized version of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good mixing piano & violin rhythms to fully reveal the acoustic strength of this song realized & produced by Trench Mental Art Produksyon, in collaboration with Doc Jazz & sponsored by Trench Mental Art’s brand, the Kréyolity Koleksyon. In this title, which is probably the most poignant song interpreted by Mista G… so far, the artist is challenging Feeling Good to reveal with honesty & sincerity his real face without conterfaction, the dark side devastating humankind, all performing the role of a regular worker in a regular society to sing for all those silent voices which disappear without a noise in society’s mist.
“Take Me” or “Feeling Bad” by Mista G… : a NEW title which is also a tribute to Amerindians’ suicides!
Take Me by Mista G… is thus the absolute contrary of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good as the artist could have entitled this song “Feeling Bad” as it is also a tribute to all those people & particularly the Amerindians, who, once pushed over, attempt to their lives, after having reached the step of complete destruction, disgust & dismissal from societies’ rules & norms, trying to meet death to put an end to their sorrowness & frustrations. This heartbreaking artistic view & interpretation thrown on the act of committing suicide by excess or inability to stand life longer due to fear, oppression, sadness or culpability is highly purchased all along Take Me, but drives to the discovery of another world, of another living spirit, of another vital energy: the natural world! Take Me by Mista G… will then drive you into one’s inner thoughts, intimacy & complete exhaustion by answering to Mother Nature’s Call to dive you into the discovery of a world, a life out of all beliefs, expectations & aspirations through the seductive call of three Forest Fairies as Mother Nature’s representors, interpreted by the Mistycal Queens!
Exceptional participation of the Mistycal Queens as “Forest Fairies” in “Take Me” by Mista G…
Mixing thus urban life to the natural world, Take Me does not only alert on the real danger & loss societies’ drive to, but also denounces the ecologic danger that humankind is, all responsible of Mother Nature’s damage, all revealing the singer’s vocal strength, as much as Mother Nature’s sweet and warm arms, always taking back her power. Take Me thus draws an alternative or invitation to all the desperate, oppressed, destructed and damaged living souls to whom this song is fully dedicated!
Enjoy this artistic view realized by Trench Mental Art Produksyon!
Don’t lose a minute more to thus discover Take Me, the 1st title of M********Y by Mista G…, an album to win at its official release on October, 1st 2020 if you discover the KEY word defining this album’s title to be revealed in Sept., 1st 2020. Don’t be shy, try your chance and discover Mista G…’s universe all along the year, an extraordinary artist standing as a very talented author, performer & composer to listen and watch as much as to like, unlike, share or comment!
“Take Me” by Mista G… to discover on October, 1st 2019 on youtube.com/trenchmentalart!
Take Me by Mista G… Avalaible soon on itunes, spotify & amazon !

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