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Artist since the craddle, Mista G ... first started solfège course & music theory at 6 years old. He began learning with an acoustic guitar & played until his 10 years old when he decided to write songs and work on an handmade album pretending to be someday a singer !

During all this time he had been practicing singing & learn Digital audio workstation to be able to reach his goals.

Addicted to the stage, Mista G ... had turn around all next provinces to sing, to participate to few musical springboard & mixtapes bringing back the number of scenes to more than fifty.

More than a singer Mista G ... is an Artist & his songs talk for hisself.

Finally in 2020, his first selfmade album will be available and will introduce this gloomy character.




M*******Y (2020)

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04 What s Up (feat NJ et Mista G) (2009)


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11 ANORMAL Feat MISTA G (2010)


Mista G's Videos
Who Da by Mista G… :
un clip 100% déjanté pour un artiste 100% désenchanté

Mista G…: une voix, un style, un univers!

Who Da peut alors se déchiffrer ainsi: une question prenant place de titre et à laquelle l’artiste répond en étant introduit par Trench Mental Art comme une bombe musicale, une bête de scène, un mélomane endurci présentant d’une part l’artiste hors-normes que Mista G… incarne et d’autre part l’univers original dans lequel il désire vous emmener, faisant au passage un clin d’œil à notre marque de prêt-à-porter, Trench Mental Art.

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Happy Lady by Mista G … :

Mista Shouta en mode Lova!

Happy Lady : c’est donc une déclaration d’amour, une douce confession d’un amour charnel éternel, transposée dans ce clip à travers la beauté, la sensualité et la sincérité d’une femme forte & combative, sportive & courageuse, la Independent Lady des temps modernes qui illumine le cœur de tous et de toutes au moindre pas, au moindre regard, au moindre sourire.

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“I’m Standing There” by Mista G…,

the Voice of Wisdom on the Track of Liberty

I’m standing There, which is interpreted on a dancehall-hip hop riddim released & registered by Fresh Blunt Production & studio, a production signed Doc’Jazz, mixes some gwoka to reveal the multiculturality of the singer, but also reveals the unsayable, shows the unseeable and deals with the undealable for Mista G… stands as one who sings for the people, one who acts for the people, one who just stands for the people through I’m standing There but also through his blaze: Mista.

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“Take Me” by Mista G…: A Tribute to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” & to all the victims of suicide’s ratio!

After having slightly introduced you to Mista G…’s universe through Who DaHappy Lady I’m Standing There, discover as soon as possible, the 1st title to appear on Mista G…’s 1st album, M********Y, to be released on October, 1st 2020, that Trench Mental Art Produksyon will make you discover all along the year.
Let’s thus begin with an impressive song in which Mista G… reveals all his vocal strength, starting with a heavy song inspired by Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, the most talented African-American singer, that the singer challenges on this remix which is also composed by the artist.

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W.O.M. by Mista G... ft. Sista T., the NEW Dancehall which will fast become your NEW Serum!

After Happy Lady, Trench Mental Art Produksyon is proud to present W.O.M. (Women Over Men) by Mista G... who comes back this year with this NEW dancehall 100% composed by this autor-composer-interpretor, in charming company this time, through this featuring with Sista T. for a title which will fast become the new tendency, an upcoming reference!

In featuring with Sista T & her choirs (Misty ft. Alian), W.O.M., standing for "Women Over Men", parodises traditionnal dancehall, which generally diminishes women to only valorize their physical appearances (body & intimate parts), and answers to all the "Shake that booty", "Broke it down", "An Vlé An Gyal" or other messages misprizing and underconsidering women for their simple looks, attitudes & abilities to dance or be stripers .

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